Filter Pad Media 40cm x 40cm – Select A


BECO Select A depth filter sheets are advantageous to use in demanding filtration of high quality spirits such as whiskey, cognac, barrel-matured brandy to name a few.  Select A series is also excellent to use  when fruit is the basis of the distilled spirits.

The specific advantages of BECO SELECT A depth
filter sheets:

  • Low content of calcium, magnesium and iron ions
    to avoid secondary hazes
  • Color-preserving filtration through minimum color
    adsorption in the depth filter sheet
  • Selective separation of long-chain fatty acid esters
  • Reliable retention of the components to be
    separated, good clarification
  • Economic service life through high dirt holding
    Fine Filtration of Very Fine Haze Substances
    BECO depth filter sheets for achieving a high clarifying
    level. This depth filter sheet type reliably retains very
    fine particles and higher fatty acids. This makes them
    particularly suitable for haze-free storage and filling.
    Clarification Filtration
    BECO depth filter sheets for clarification filtration and
    for the separation of medium-strong haze. This depth
    filter sheet type has a high dirt holding capacity and is
    particularly suitable for the filtration of spirits with a
    high fusel oil content.
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Depth Filter Sheets for Spirits and Fragrance Filtration

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    • Shipping Weight – 12 to 50 lbs. per 25 and 100 sheets respectively



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