Francesca Wine Pumps – F04



Why Francesca Wine Pump is the only wine pump you will ever need….

  • Filtration to 3 bar
  • Sensor to control degassing (no bubbles)
  • Suitable for bottling and transfer lines
  • Excellent for barrel filling/emptying
  • Programmable for automatic spraying the cap
  • Pumps whole grapes to the fermenter tank with optional variable speed screw hopper

Key Attributes of Francesca Pumps…

  • Gentle, linear and constant liquid flow
  • Full washdown and sterilizable at 110 degrees C
  • Complete access to all wetted parts
  • No hold up volume after decanting is completed
  • Self-Priming up to 7.5 meters
  • Manual or Automatic functions
  • Reversal Flow from Control Panel
  • Remote Control Variable Speed Operation
  • Easy maintenance

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