Winefiltercity provides stacked disc housings for winery filtration in both 12″ and 16″ diameter housings and media. (Picture on left is a 2-high stack housing with about 36 sqft of media).

Housings are constructed of 316 SS and have a polished finished.

Having a sanitary design, the housing can be easily cleaned and stored after filtration.

Winefiltercity can assist in sizing the right housing for your process.  We also offer scale up services to accurately incorporate the correct disc size for the amount of wine being filtered.

In the product purchase guide, we are offering a mobile cart option.  This can be customized to your preference.  If the the cart is customized, you must call and get a quote.



One of the advantages of stacked disc media is the use of stack adapters.  These are Nylon tubes that are the same height as the stack, each end with gaskets.  So if a 2-high housing is purchased, and the batch is about half of a normal volume, only 1 stack disc cartridge would need to be used.  The other is a take-up adapter that is installed to complete the necessary height to seal the cartridge.  Stack adapters will be available in accessories (once page is up or call).