Stacked Disk Cartridges 16 cell, 16 inch diameter Standard Beco Media w/DE


BECO depth filter sheet’s Standard, BecoPad, & Select A range meets demanding liquid filtration requirements. All constructed of finely fibrillated cellulose fibers with the standard range being combined with high quality DE, BecoPad mineral free for high purity applications, and the Select A specifically for spirits filtration.

Product Selection is for Beco Stacked Disc, Standard Media with DE (diatomaceous earth) filter aid.
DE contains a positive charge to help adsorb contaminants.  Beco Standard media has a sharper cut-off unlike some competitors who publish a range of micron ratings.

Our recommendation is to use the Beco Standard for final filtration prior to 0.45-micron membrane.  Grades that are suitable for pre-membrane filtration are the Steril 40, Steril 60, and Steril 80.  Generally, the best results for easier, less fouling of the sterilizing grade membrane are with the Steril 60 series.


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    • Shipping Weight – 7 to13 lbs. per 25 sheets



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